#DSMMCM1617 The Portland Barbers

Assignment 1 – Submission 1, Section A


Introducing our chosen PSO
The Portland Barbers is a premium male grooming salon, situated on Charlotte Street, Manchester, and is run by owner Mario Pavlou who with his employee Adam aim to bring true barbering to life. The salon style is very traditional which is shown throughout the interior and exterior design, as well as the products used in-store.

Possible Digital Oppertunities 
As TPB is a barber service, digital channels such as Instagram will give us the opportunity to show potential customers a visual representation of the work done in the barbers and keep them up to date on the latest styles as well as new products available for purchase. By uploading images of the haircuts done in the shop, people will be able to see the quality of the work which may in turn lead to more customers. Other visuals, such as the interior of the barbers, will express the traditional aesthetics and highlight premium features of the service provided. Also by using digital channels such as Facebook and Twitter, TPB will be able to share any deals or offers they may have without having to spend money on advertising, allowing for money to spent elsewhere. According to a Mintel report, 81% of consumers have visited a social network in the past three months, with 75% having visited Facebook, showing the potential benefit of pushing The Portland Barbers on social media. 

They can also share articles and links related to barbering as sharing content regularly can lead to an increase in followers, as well as showing customers what TPB’s team are interested in. Posting articles relating to the barbering sector and personal interests, the team will create relationships with both current and potential customers as they share similar interests, in turn meaning they are more likely to use the service.

Being a small business, TPB already have a close relationship with their clientele, which makes it easier for them to push their social media personally rather than relying on people finding their page through other means.

Digital Marketing Communications objectives 
The main communications objective is for us to increase the following of TPB on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by 20% by March 2017. This is a SMART objective that could potentially lead to increased custom for the barbers due to the increased exposure. We also aim to use this increased following to push sales up in the morning and between 3 and 4:30 pm as services tend to drop around these times.


Mintel (2016) Online Retailing – UK – July 2016. Available at: http://academic.mintel.com.ezproxy.mmu.ac.uk/display/779478/ (Accessed: 7 November 2016).


Alexandra Isaac 13139638
Billy Moulds 14006146



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