Task 2

Task 2 – Suitable Digital & Social Media Communications Approaches

Instagram Twitter Facebook
Pros Pros Pros
Allows the Portland Barber to upload new images of haircuts every day to keep customers up to date on styles and to give potential customers an idea of the quality of the haircuts. Allows for constant two-way communication so that customers can interact with the barber regarding issues or queries that they may have Allows the Portland Barber to share articles and posts that their customers may be interested in. This will help with retention and boosting brand loyalty
Potential to reach a larger audience as anyone can access the page as well as potential customers seeing that one of their friends has liked an image uploaded on the Portland Barber page. Gives Portland Barber full control over any campaigns or online offers so they can personalise the page exactly how they want it Potential to increase website traffic with implementation of links to the official site where bookings for haircuts can be made
Free to run Free to run Allows for instant feedback
Cons Cons Cons
Page can be lost amongst other pages due to algorithms that promote already popular brands that pay for promotion rather than new or relatively unknown ones that dont People can follow thousands of accounts that tweet continuously which means that Portland Barbers tweets may not be seen Although allowing for instant feedback can be a positive, this also opens up the possibility of negative feedback that can put off potential customers
Bad photo uploads can damage the brand image Without a clever marketing strategy, building substantial enough followers to impact on sales can take a long time Cost of maintenance has increased


By focusing on these chosen Social Media platforms, it will allow us to increase our insight into the behavioural and psychographic targeting that will help us segment our target audience. With regular uploads across all three social media channels, brand identity will be established as well increasing brand loyalty and awareness.


Although all three social media platforms have the potential to increase followers and in turn lead to more business for Portland Barber, there is also no guarantee that these pages will become successful.

Billy Moulds – 14006146

Alexandra Isaac – 13139638


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