Task 3

Task 3 – Unsuitable Digital & Social Media Communications Approaches

YouTube Tumblr Snapchat
Hard to get subscribers which means limited views on videos uploaded Not as popular as it used to be as users now use Instagram to look at and share photos Customers may not want to receive videos from the PSO as it could be perceived as being too personal
Instagram now allows for users to upload minute long videos Better for artistic images and creative photography rather than marketing a business Images and videos cannot be accessed by anyone meaning that reach could be very low
Advantages Advantages Advantages
Potential to reach millions of viewers on a global scale Potential to make connections with other barbering professionals either in the local area or over seas Opens up two-way communication as customers can reply to Snapchats which could in turn increase brand loyalty
Risks Risks Risks
Almost impossible to target a specific geographic location as videos can be seen by anyone, anywhere Has a reputation for being juvenile and not for adult professionals Images and conversations don’t last as they are deleted once viewed

Billy Moulds – 14006146

Alexandra Isaac – 13139638


Austin, B. (2014) The marketing pros and cons of Tumblr. Available at: http://www.fourthsource.com/social-media/marketing-pros-cons-tumblr-17431 (Accessed: 4 December 2016).



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