Task 3

Task 3 – Unsuitable Digital & Social Media Communications Approaches YouTube Tumblr Snapchat Hard to get subscribers which means limited views on videos uploaded Not as popular as it used to be as users now use Instagram to look at and share photos Customers may not want to receive videos from the PSO as it… Continue reading Task 3

Task 2

Task 2 – Suitable Digital & Social Media Communications Approaches Instagram Twitter Facebook Pros Pros Pros Allows the Portland Barber to upload new images of haircuts every day to keep customers up to date on styles and to give potential customers an idea of the quality of the haircuts. Allows for constant two-way communication so… Continue reading Task 2

Task 1

 Task 1 – Our Main Audience The most appropriate approaches for segmentation Targeting Behaviour – pros Targeting Location – pros Targeting Psychographic – pros Allows for us to see what customers are searching for when looking for barbers in Manchester Allows us to see where the customers are when searching for barbers Allows us to… Continue reading Task 1